Message From VC

Dr Abdul Baqee


University of Global Village (UGV) is rightly proud of the staff and students for espousing a creative and dynamic spirit for this young university.It is remarkable to see the achievements of the last six years of UGV. It is challenging to establish and sustain such a skill-based technical institution against the backdrop of almost insurmountable calamities of all nature. We should resist the temptation to rest on our laurels - there is still a lot to accomplish, to ensure we can serve the needs of the southern part of Bangladesh.

I must take the opportunity to praise the founders of the University for their Excellent Vision - providing the denizens with an option for great quality education without venturing into the overcrowded capital. As the new vice chancellor, I urge all to take a little time to reflect on the obstacles we have endured to reach the current stage where the institution produced so many graduates. Gathering strength from that, we look forward to overcoming all the impediments in the path ahead.

During my incumbency, I would like everybody to join forces and take on the challenges that face UGV. A good University can become great based on its robust research capabilities. I laud this institution's continued drive to produce relevant research and high-quality papers published over the past years. We should try to embody the moto of Excellence without Compromise. Always remember the saying, "Good is the enemy of great".

The University of Global Village (UGV) should work towards establishing itself as a beacon of hope and quality education not only in the Barisal region but also in our nation as a whole. Our job is to work collaboratively and creatively to raise and uphold the quality of education that we have today.

We live in a world that is fast-moving and unforgiving. In our journey to greatness, we all need to join forces. An individual cannot steer such a large educational institution - there needs to be a devoted team that believes in the ultimate goal. We all would need to play our parts to ensure the steady progress of UGV in creating a name for itself. We have the opportunity here to create something truly special and enduring. Let us all work towards realizing the dream of taking UGV to the forefront of high-quality, research-based, technical education that Bangladesh can be proud of.

I would like to convey my cordial thanks to the trustee Board for their help. I am deeply honoured to be tasked with leading UGV to attain academic excellence, and creating a space for itself in the education landscape. I am proud to be associated with the life and calling of this esteemed university.

Dr Abdul Baqee