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The UGV has established a Career and Placement Cell where students are assisted to create jobs and entrepreneurship through placement related training and collaboration for their next workplace. The main objective of this organization is to provide suitable jobs and employment opportunities to the students by establishing close relations with reputed industries, suitable institutions and employers in the country and abroad. By introducing students to the Soft Skills Training Program through training by experts. The Career and Placement Cell helps students develop the skills and competencies to enable them to stand out in the crowd of career builders. The UGV Career and Placement Cell-UCPC is established with the aim of building a strong structure for professional careers according to the skills of the students. UCPC conducts a variety of training sessions, motivational sessions, and skill enhancement training to provide students with relevant skills in their respective fields. The aim of this cell is to provide all kinds of support to the students regarding employment and entrepreneurship.

We believe that facilitating the recruitment process is as significant as opening the door to the students into the University. UGV Career & Placement Cell-UCPC in the University of Global Village, UGV, Barishal plays a vital role and is becoming a key department of the institute. It helps UGV alumni unemployed individuals to search job. It also provides a service to employers by giving them qualified workers for contract jobs or available positions. For helping & enhancing the students UGV Career & Placement Cell-UCPC works as a middle man in the hiring process by interviewing the employee to find a suitable place of employment, where the candidate’s skills and experience would benefit the company or position in question. So UGV Career & Placement Cell-UCPC Collaborate with UGV Job seekers & employers.


A world where there will be no incompetent people and every people will obtain a job according to his/her qualifications and skills.

Aims & Objectives-

·        Interact with the Corporate for Internship & Placement Activities.

·        Promote close Industry-Institution relationship.

·        Arrange Guest Lectures by the experts from industry.

·        Arrange Soft Skills training programs for the students.

·        Explore possibility of Industry partnership resulting in signing of MOU for long term & short term basis.

·        Arrange both In Campus and Off Campus placement procedures.

·        Prepare the data of students for all the academic years as desired by Corporate.

·        Prepare the data bank of Corporate in Dhaka region and all over the country.

·        Discuss the performance parameter with the experts from the industry after placement procedures are completed.

·        Develop interactions with the departments, for: Any additional academic input to be given to students, as required by the corporate.

·        Encourage the industry to support the project and laboratory training.

·        To generate Entrepreneurship awareness amongst the students.

·        To interact with Alumni. (Alumni networking)

“We reform those who instruct   the World’’


·        ensure better placement opportunities of the students for empowerment

·        monitoring, assisting and correcting academic efforts; providing a safe environment of working.

·        assist students to develop/clarify their academic and career interests, and their short and long-term goals by conducting pre-placement group sessions, training, seminar, practical class  and individual counseling if necessary.

·        maintaining and regularly updating the database of students, companies and establishing strategic links for campus recruitments.

·        gathering information about job fairs and all relevant recruitment advertisements.

·        coordinating with companies to learn about their requirements and recruitment procedures

·        identifying the needs and expectations of the companies to assist them in recruiting most suitable candidates.

·        highlighting articles on departmental notice boards regarding Competitive & Industrial Career Opportunities.

·        arranging Motivational Talks and conducting Psychometric Test.

·        maintaining up-to-date marketing materials for display & publicity purposes;

·        producing and placing advertisements for Enrollment/recruitment where required;

·        keep students database with all information including pre and post emplacement record; both running and alumni students.

·        visit Company, Industry, NGO and GO Institution, Workshop, Service Centre to make good networking for ensuring job

·        arranging Meeting, Seminar and Workshop with various Company, Industry, NGO, GO, Workshop, Service Centre for searching job.


UGV has an inclusive UGV Career and Placement Cell which commences from the first semester and engages students with pre-placement training to make them industry-ready for the corporate world. With its exclusive in-house training program taught by experts, the Career & Placement Cell helps students develop capabilities and competencies enabling the students to stand out in a crowd of career builders. The UGV Career & Placement Cell of UGV conducts several training sessions to provide students with relevant skills in their respective fields. These are some of the functions of UGV Career & Placement Cell is following-

“Transparency, fairness and equal opportunity to all are the hallmark of the placement process of UGV Career & Placement Cell-UCPC at the University Global Village, UGV, Barishal.”

Career Counseling

The primary purpose of career counseling is to help the learner learn how to explore and investigate potential majors and occupations. Career counseling is a method of assessment of people’s interest, values, and talents to help them explore a range of career options. It plays an influential role in assisting people make the perfect career decision that enables to choose for the right job, brightening the area of people’s work life. All kinds of psychological support are provided for a job seeker to get a job from UGV Career & Placement Cell.

The main goals are-

·        Exploring-self: UCPC basic aim is to help an individual increase his understanding and acceptance of self; his physical development, his intelligence, aptitudes, interest, personality traits, attitudes and values, his achievements in scholastic and other spheres, his aspirations and life-style preferences and above all his here -and-now needs which keep him highly motivated to behave positively or otherwise.

·        Determining Values: The second aim is to help an individual recognize the importance of values, explore different sets of values, determine personal values and examine them in relation to the norms of society and their importance in planning for success in life.

·        Setting Goals: This aim is to help an individual set goal for himself and relate these to the values determined by him so that he recognizes the importance of long-range planning.

·        Explore the World of Work: UCPC help the individual explore the World of Work in relation to his self-exploration, his value system and goals that he has set for himself to achieve success in life.

·        Improving Efficiency: At UCPC individual is helped to learn about factors which contribute to increase effectiveness and efficiency and to improve his study habits.

·        Building Relationship: The aim is to help the individual to be aware of his relationship with others and to note that it is a reflection of his own feelings about himself.

·        Accepting responsibility for the future: The UCPC is helped to develop skill in social and personal forecasting, acquire attitudes and skills necessary for mastering the future.

Industrial Attachment

Industry-institute collaboration is one of the major concerns of UGV Career & Placement Cell. As we all know the University aims at creating new knowledge and providing fundamental education to student, whereas industry focuses on application-oriented knowledge which can be transformed into profits of business goals. But the major challenge is the employability for the graduates to transform their knowledge gathered into an application which has industrial need. Industry-institute collaboration is not new concept, as we all know the world is being more competitive to remain sustain there is need for both industry-institute get involve into collaboration to encourage innovation and competitiveness in global economy. The most significant method of this knowledge transfer is the training of students by industrial personnel, recruitment of personnel from engineering institute, contract research on behalf of industry, research collaborations and use of industrial equipment in engineering institute’s labs. To gain Practical knowledge from industry, UGV Career & Placement Cell arranges all kind of Industrial attachment, tour, and visit etc. for student development.

Resume and Cover Letter Writing

Resume and cover letter can help the job seekers create the first best impression on a potential employer. To ensure job hunters resume does not get added to the rejected pile, they should create an attention-grabbing resume as well an effective LinkedIn profile. The UGV Career & Placement Cell train up the students in creating a well-organized resume which will highlight their qualifications, education, employment history, certifications, technical skills and any additional skills that match with the job profile.

Soft Skills Training

Considering the importance of aptitude skills and soft skills in any organization, there is a huge demand for professionals who are industry ready. One of the major responsibilities of any Placement Cell is to organize sessions to train students on analytical, logical, verbal and critical reasoning, problem-solving and time-saving techniques along with English verbal and language adaptability. UGV Career & Placement Cell Organize different types of Soft Skills Training to develop the students.

Personality Development

Personality development is one of the most crucial aspects of training sessions, the University Career & Placement Cell organizes a series of tests and workshops to help students discover their potential and analyze their shortcomings. It trains students to deal with challenging situations at work and motivates them by conducting various workshops on how to increase their self-esteem.

Group Discussions

With group discussions becoming an integral part of the hiring process, the UGV Career & Placement Cell conducts multiple rounds of mock group discussions to build confidence, communication skills, teamwork and enhance the technical knowledge of the subject along with current affairs.

Personal/ Mock Interview

The final selection depends on the personal interview round; hence, the Career & Placement Cell of UGV helps with the preparation, increasing student’s chances of getting hired. The Career & Placement Cell instructs and coaches students on required interview skills which are related to dress code, confidence, creativity, ability to react and respond, and handle stressful situations.

Skill Development (Communication/ English/ Computer)

Every job hunter should have internal and external communication skills. It is also important for them to be able to speak, write and listen in English. In today's world is depending on information technology. If job seekers do not have computer knowledge, he will not be able to communicate with the world and he will not go to their destination Therefore, it is very important for every employee to have communication skills, especially in English and computer knowledge. UGV Career & Placement Cell organizes a variety of training workshops, seminars, orientations for the development of communication skills of the learners on English and computer versatility. We are committed to improving the communication skills of the Students.

Future Plan

Hard work is important, but hard work alone will not get the person anywhere. Student need to be creative. Employers want skilled employees, so job hunters need to enhance and add to their skill base regularly. Before they choose a career, make sure that employment opportunities are expanding for that particular field. Choose a position that lets they use their talents and offers plenty of opportunity to add to those talents. Confirm that there will be opportunity for advancement before job seekers accept any position. UGV Career & Placement Cell always takes actions of future plan of students and submits their action plan to the Career & Placement Cell of UGV.

Job Searching Techniques & Tips

Searching for the right job is a very difficult thing which is encountered by any individual driven by the passion to carve his or her own career. Job search could be time consuming because it sometimes takes a lot of time to find the right job. Correct analysis and portrayal of your capabilities and qualification can land you in a job which can make your career. Placement papers are something everyone is worried about? Where to download them from? Where to submit? How to write? There are just so many confusing questions that even the answers might take time to register. So, now that you have reached this page, forget all your questions. Everything about placement papers will be explained to you here. All your questions and some more will be answered and all your doubts cleared. UGV Career & Placement Cell helps the students to know job searching tips and Technique so that they can search job.

Social Networking

Social networking is one of the best internet jobs searching tips. It may also be a good idea to look for jobs on social networking websites. Social networking websites often have a group for job hunters and also some advertisements which may lead you to the website of the recruiting companies. It may also be a good idea to brush up social networking profile, to something mature, if it isn't already. Recruiters try to find out as much as they can about a candidate and their social networking profile is often one of the first results. The UGV Career & Placement Cell works with this type of networking tools to help students get jobs faster.

Widen Students Scope

In times like these, where job opportunities are few and far between, it is important that you be ready to adapt quickly. Sometimes there may be a good job vacancy in a different city or a different state. So, you should be prepared to take up that opportunity as well. It is also good to not restrict your field of work. Be open and willing to experiment with something new rather than waiting for the exact job which you are looking for and for this purpose UGV Career & Placement Cell is working.

Development of Communication

Communication skills are an essential aspect of a job seeker. Development Communication can be defined as purposive communication intended for a specific target student that allows for the translation of information into action resulting in a higher quality of life. It also relies greatly on Community and People Participation, which is the voluntary involvement of a group of people in a development activity with full knowledge of its purpose that will allow them to grow individually and as a community.The UGV Career & Placement Cell organizes various trainings and seminars to enhance the communication skills of the learners and make them fit for employment.

UCPC Placement Process- UCPC keeps on inviting various industries and reputed organizations for campus recruitment & send Job Seekers Resume to the Industry. The talent acquisition at UGV is done through the following process:

Identifying opportunities in the organization- UCPC contacts the organizations to find out their recruitment plan for the year. Alternately, the organizations intimate the UCPC about the available opportunities and apprise them of their skill set requirement in the form of job description through email or phone.

Identifying students as per the skill set required by the Organization- UCPC matches the profile of the students skill set required by the organization. The shortlisted profiles were then sent to the organization for further short listing.

On Campus (Corporate Visit the Campus) or Off Campus (Students Visit the Corporate)- On Campus or Off Campus been arranged, depending upon number of vacancies a corporate have for an open position.

Pre-Placement Talk

The Pre-Placement Talk/Company Presentation is an opportunity for the students and the organization to interact with each other, to clearly understand the job requirements, company expectations and job profile offered.

·        The organization is requested to give a pre-placement talk covering the following aspects:

·        Overview of the company and its operations

·        Detailed Job Description

·        Skill set required/looking for in a candidate

·        Nature & period of training/probation, if any

·        Compensation package offered

·        Selection procedure to be adopted (generally comprises of written test/Group Discussion/Personal Interview)

Final Recruitment

·        After following the selection procedure, the corporate selects the students and offer letter been given to the students with the joining date

Communication process from UCPC

Students will be kept apprised about any placement related activities through following process-

·        Through Notice.

·        Through e-mail IDs provided to Placement Cell by the students.

·        Through SMS alert.

·        Through Department

Important Instructions for students-

Ø  Student must keep a regular / frequent check with Notice Boards / Class Coordinators / E-mails / SMS.

Ø  Student’s emails and SMS alerts are subject to the e-mail IDs and mobile numbers provided to UCPC by the students.

Ø  Students are expected to inform UCPC about any change in mobile numbers and their email IDs for smooth communication.

Job Report

SL NoName Of Student student idProgramAddress of Employer/OrganizationDesignationJoining DateRemarks
1Md. Sawkat Hossain 2192739EEE (Evening)Anchor Cement Mills Ltd
Rupatoly, Barishal
Sub-Assistant Engineer2019-02-06
2Md. Rasel Hossain 200217253EEE (Evening)Anchor Cement Mills Ltd
Rupatoly, Barishal
Sub-Assistant Engineer2019-06-01
3Md. Sojib Hossain 3181933Civil (Evening)Janani Pharmacy
Sadar Road, Barishal
Salesman2019-05-15Part Time Job
4Rabeya Akter 1181825CSE (Evening)Dimension Digital Survey & Engineering
Chowmatha, Hatem Ali College, Barishal
Computer Operator2019-05-02
5Md. Mahbubur Rahman 2182072EEE (Regular)Janani Pharmacy
Sadar Road, Barishal
Salesman2019-04-01Part Time Job
6Nilkantho Das 2182351EEE (Evening)Janani Pharmacy
Sadar Road, Barishal
Salesman2019-04-01Part Time Job
7Tamanna Akter Lira 400117800BBA (Regular)Ideal School & College
Battala, Barishal
Teacher2019-03-18Part Time Job
8Mim Akter 1182412CSE (Evening)Southern Medical & Technology Institute
Lutfor Rahman Sarak, Nathullabad, Barishal.
Marketing Officer2019-03-14
9Shamima Akter 3181656Civil (Evening)Home design & Consultant
Battala, Barishal
Marketing Officer2019-01-14
10Md. Sajal Hossain 2171031EEE (Regular)MEP Group
Hatkhola, Barishal
Quality Controller2019-01-20
11Sawon Islam Lija 1182025CSE (Evening)Aid Organization
Jafia Plaza, Battala, Barishal
Computer Operator2018-12-26
12Md. Foysal 3181334Civil (Evening)Home design & Consultant
Battala, Barishal
Sub-Assistant Engineer2018-12-26
13Dilruba Akter CSE (Evening)IT Solution
Battala, Barishal
14Aysha Akter 1181972CSE (Regular)Ideal School & College
Battala, Barishal
Teacher2018-11-16Part Time Job
15Farjana Mitu 4181558BBA (Regular)Ideal School & College
Battala, Barishal
Teacher2018-11-01Part Time Job
16Md. Asif Hasan 100117720CSE (Regular)Toha Education Care
Battala, Barishal
Call Center Officer2018-09-10
17Md. Shohel Rana 3182010Civil (Evening)Home design & Consultant
Battala, Barishal
Marketing Officer2018-09-01
18Md. Arifur Rahman 2181615EEE (Evening)MEP Group
Hatkhola, Barishal
Sub-Assistant Engineer2018-09-01
19Fouzia Jahan 200217835EEE (Evening)Plan International Bangladesh
Divisional Office, Usha - Tara Kunjo, Holding-954, C & B Road, South Alekanda, Barishal
Volunteer2018-08-27Daily Basis
20Md. Masum Billah 200217881EEE (Evening)Plan International Bangladesh
Divisional Office, Usha - Tara Kunjo, Holding-954, C & B Road, South Alekanda, Barishal
Volunteer2018-08-27Daily Basis
21Jannatul Ferdous Mousumi 400117737BBA (Evening)Aid Organization
Jafia Plaza, Battala, Barishal
22Umme Salma Lia 1181815CSE (Evening)IT Solution
Battala, Barishal
Computer Operator2018-01-08
23Sakibul Hasan 3181628Civil (Evening)Yasin Computer
East side of Bibir Pukur, Barishal
Computer Operator2018-01-08
24Rukaiya Rahman Tama 3171176Civil (Evening)Toha Education Care
Battala, Barishal
Call Center Officer2018-07-20
25Nadira Anjom Prova 3181742Civil (Evening)M. K. M. Building Design & Consultant
Hatem Ali College, Chowmatha, Barishal.
Sub Assistant Engineer2018-07-20
26Shuvra Roy 6017926English (Regular)Aid Organization
Jafia Plaza, Battala, Barishal
Secretary of ED.2018-07-01
27Sabikunnahar 500117733MBA (Evening)Aid Organization
Jafia Plaza, Battala, Barishal