Hon'ble Treasurer

Prof. Dr. Rabeya Begum

Hon'ble Treasurer

 As the Treasurer ofthe University of Global Village (UGV). I extend a warm welcome to all thestudents hailing from various corners of the country, who are embarking ontheir educational journeys, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.UGV is a prestigious educational hub dedicated to foster academic excellenceand support a diverse student community.


I am delighted toshare with you the information regarding the significant financialopportunities available to our students through our waiver and scholarshipfacilities. At the University of Global Village, we understand the importanceof ensuring that education remains accessible and affordable to all deservingindividuals. To that end, we are committed to providing financial assistance tothose who demonstrate exceptional talent and dedication.


Our waiver programis designed to alleviate the financial burden on students. Through thisinitiative, we offer waivers on tuition fees based on merit and financial need.This means that talented individuals who may face financial constraints canstill pursue their dreams of higher education at our institution.


We encourage allprospective and current students to explore these financial opportunities andtake advantage of the support available at the University of Global Village. Wefirmly believe that education should be a transformative experience, and we arededicated to making that transformation possible for as many students aspossible.


I would also like toreiterate our unwavering commitment to provide financial assistance through ourwaiver and scholarship facilities. It is our hope that these initiatives willenable students from all walks of life to join our academic community andembark on a journey of personal and intellectual growth.


Thank you for yourattention, and please do not hesitate to reach out to our financial aid officefor more information on these opportunities.





Prof. Dr. RabeyaBegum


University of GlobalVillage (UGV), Barishal