History of our University

University of Global Village (UGV), the first private university in southern part of Bangladesh (Barisal division), was established by the University of Global Village Trust and founded by Infra Polytechnic Institute, Barisal. The government of Bangladesh and University Grants Commission (UGC) approved the establishment of UGV in 2016 under Private University Act (PUA)-2010. The honorable President of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is the Chancellor of UGV.

Dr. Md. Imran Chowdhury is the current Chairman of the University of Global Village Trust according to PUA-2010. The Board of Trustees (BOT), the highest policy making body of UGV, provides the overall policy guidelines and approves annual budget of the University, is headed by the Chairman. The Syndicate, the highest executive body headed by the Vice-Chancellor runs the administration of the University according to the policy guidelines provided by PUA-2010.

The Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Abdul Baqee as the chief executive and academic officer of the university , runs the university with the cooperation of the statutory bodies operate under the provision of the Statutes prepared within the framework of PUA-2010. The Registrar maintains the university records including admissions and keeps liaison with Ministry of Education, UGC and other relevant authorities. The Controller of Examinations conducts examinations and tests of the university and declares results after taking approval from appropriate authorities.

UGV has the authority, under its Charter, to confer undergraduate and graduate degrees in all branches of arts, business and engineering. Currently, UGV offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in 7 subjects (5 Bachelor’s degrees and 2 Master’s degrees). Additional programs are under preparation.