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Industrial Visit

After finishing plantvisit, we had a discussion session at MEP’ conference room with AGM and DeputyManager of MEP in which our students shared their learning of that visit andthe officials talked about what they expect from our graduates. Theyparticularly mentioned that they need graduates with comprehensive andpractical business knowledge, convincing communication skills, thoroughcomputer operations, digital marketing, accountancy, and supply chainmanagement skills. Besides these, they also emphasize in positive attitude andgood mannerism. At a point during the discussion, we briefed them about ourongoing skills development project. They highly appreciated that and sharedtheir sheer intention to have well- skilled graduates from us. They also sharetheir plan to accommodate paid internship opportunity for our graduates.Indeed, that was an incredible knowledge sharing session for our students whodemonstrated their keen learning interest with enthusiasm and rapture and alsoas faculty for us.


We hope we will beable to provide our students with this sort of practical learning avenues inthe coming days.


Special thanks to our Register Sir (Acting) Md. Lokman Khan andjob placement officer Md. Jalal Uddin Ahmed who whole heartedly supported us toarrange such a magnificent industry visit.


Cordial gratitude to all the officials and the staffs of MEP Ltd,who earnestly supported us throughout the visit.


Corresponding Author


Md. Al Sabahel


Department of BusinessAdministration

University of GlobalVillage (UGV), Barishal


Chief Supervisor

Elias Kanson, Chairman & Assistant Professor


Md. Mohibul Alam Dolon, Assistant Professor


Md. Al Sabahel, Lecturer

Department of Business Administration,

                            University of Global Village (UGV), Barishal