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Seminar on Quantum Computing

Status ofQuantum Computing

       Computinggiants Google and Microsoft recently hired a host of leading lights, and haveset challenging goals in QC (Nature news 2017)

       D-Wave2000Q – the firm’s first 2,000 quantum bit (qubit) quantum computer came toexistence in 2017

      Thequantum 2000Q is capable of outperforming “classical servers” by factors ofbetween 1,000 and 10,000

      IBMestablished a landmark in computing Friday, announcing a quantum computer thathandles 50 quantum bits, or qubits

      Thecompany is also making a 20-qubit system available through its cloud computingplatform

      Scalingup to hundreds or thousands of quantum bits becomes a possibility


       Teleportation, Entanglement and Zeno Effecthas been successfully implemented and tested


      QuantumKey Exchange Protocols, BB84 etc.

       QuantumMachine Learning

      QuantumClustering, Quantum Random Walk Algorithms for Heuristic Search

       Qubitvs. Bit:

Bit (Classical) degree of freedom that can take only twopossible values.


       Quantumobservable whose spectrum contains two values {0,1}.

       Minimalquantum physical system.

       Theboolean observable of a qbit system is called a sharp observable , as it canhave only values 0 and 1.

       Aqubit can have another observable which has an equal probability of 1 and 0,individual probabilities summed will results to unity.

       Qubitin reality:

      Electronspin (up or down)

      Photonpolarization (horizontal/vertical)

      Spinof atomic nucleus

      Currentin a super conducting loop

      Presence/absenceof a particle