Seminar on “Graduating to a Developing Country: The case of Bangladesh”

UGV arranged a seminar titled “Graduating to a Developing Country: The Case of Bangladesh” on 29 March, 2018. Prof. Dr. Jahangir Alam Khan, Vice-Chancellor, UGV presented the seminar. In his presentation, Prof. Khan highlighted different aspects of a developing country. He mentioned that Bangladesh, for the first time in history,has fulfilled all the eligibility criteria set by the United Nations (UN) to be recognized as a developing country, crossing over from the list of least developed countries (LDCs). Bangladesh will now receive the formal recognition in 2024 after being assessed by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). The ECOSOC will make the final announcement by considering three aspects of the country – Per Capita Gross National Income, Human Resources Index and Economic Vulnerability Index. In the meantime, Bangladesh has to maintain its progress. The people of the country can play an important role to maintain the speed of development, Dr. Khan stressed in this seminar.