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Credit Transfer

 Transfer from other universities: Students with good academic records from other recognized universities are eligible for transfer of their credits to UGV. Students wishing to transfer from another university must have transcripts of courses and grades, together with copies of certificate/ mark sheets of SSC or HSC or transcripts of O and A levels. These transcripts will be evaluated against the minimum entry requirement at UGV.

Exemption of Courses: Students with extensive academic or professional experience may apply to waive courses by completing a ‘Request for Course Waiver’ form. This form should be submitted to the Coordinator of the Program/ Head of the Dept./ Dean of the Faculty with the relevant academic transcripts or evidence of an appropriate certification.

Students having completed any Bachelor’s degree course from another recognized university are eligible for waiver provided that they obtained at least a ‘B’ grade or over 50 percent marks in that specific course. Waivers are given on foundation courses only. A course waiver requires approval from the Equivalence Committee of  UGV.